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Inline Sight Glass Tri-Clamp Connection

An inline sight glass tri-clamp connection is a versatile, dependable and cost-effective solution for viewing fluids flowing through a process line. The tri-clamp connection is made from 316 stainless steel, which provides excellent corrosion resistance properties as well as superior strength and durability. As this device offers excellent corrosion resistance properties and superior strength, it can be used in many different applications, including food processing, beverage production, chemical transfer lines, steam applications and more. 

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What to Expect with an Inline Sight Glass Tri-Clamp Connection

Each model holds Sight Glass Flow Indicators that offer a full 360 degrees to observe fluid flow in any direction, ideal for high-purity applications with permittable glass. The included nut/gasket combination also ensures a secure fit between the two parts making for leak-proof connections every time. 

Additional Features:

  • Come in a range of sizes 
  • Max. Temperature: 300 ° F 
  • Max Pressure: 120 PSI 
  • Tri-clover connections

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