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Tri Clamp to RJT Adaptors

Tri-clamp to RJT adaptors are a type of fitting used in industrial food and beverage processing applications. They connect process lines that contain liquids, gases, or semi-solid materials. These components provide a safe and secure connection between tri-clamp fittings, commonly found on food, beverage and dairy processing equipment, and the RJT standard, the British Standard for hygienic stainless steel piping.

These adaptors allow for easy installation, cleaning and maintenance of complex piping systems by providing a robust connection point between multiple components. Review our selection of adapters available online from Brewflex today.


How to Integrate Tri-Clamp to RJT Adaptors

Tri-clamp to RJT adaptors are constructed from high-quality 316 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and can withstand the potential stresses of high-pressure and high-temperature process lines. The adaptors feature a threaded end compatible with RJT fittings, and a tri-clamp end set with tri-clamp fittings. This allows for easy and convenient installation in process lines that utilise both types of fittings.


Find Out More From Brewflex Today

We understand that choosing the right tri-clamp to RJT adaptor can be daunting, so please feel encouraged to contact us at Brewflex today.