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9 &18 Litre Dry Hopper / Hop Doser 

Excessive oxygen can significantly degrade your beer’s hop character, flavour and aroma, so it is essential to minimise exposure as much as possible. Investing in a purpose-built dry hopper (also known as a ‘hop doser’) can eradicate the risk of oxidation throughout the hopping process by purging the air from the hops themselves as they are ‘dropped’ into the fermenter. 

Review our selection available from Brewflex online today.  

Why Invest in the Dry Hopper from Brewflex?

At Brewflex, our dry hopper/hop doser is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and easy cleaning, and has a 9 or 18 litre capacity, leaving it the perfect size for batch brewing.  

The doser features a removable lid and a hop screen, allowing easy filling and preventing hop particles from clogging the spout. It also comes fitted with a 4″ butterfly valve that is easily attachable to your fermenter’s dry-hopping port. The equipment also includes a 1/4″ NPT-Male port to meet with the CO2 inlet, forcing out all oxygen via its own 1/4″ NPT-M port found within the lid. Besides this, an additional 1/4″ NPT Female outlet is also located on the lid – perfect for attaching any pressure gauge you may need! 


  • Material: Premium 304 stainless steel 
  • Upper tank diameter: 10” 
  • Diameter including clamp:  Approximately 11” 
  • Width including handles: Approximately 14” 
  • Cone angle: 60° 


Features of 9 & 18 Litre Dry Hopper/Hop Doser include: 

  • 15 psi / 1 bar pressure rating 
  • 4″ TC Butterfly Valve 
  • See related links for pressure gauge and ball valves 

Learn More on Our Dry Hopper/Hop Doser with Brewflex

Take your brewing operations to the next level with our dry hopper/hop doser from Brewflex. Order yours today and experience the enhanced flavours and aromas that dry hopping can bring to your beer. For more information, please contact us today.