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Tri-Clamp to SMS Adapters

Tri-clamp to Swedish Dairy Standard (SMS) adapters are components specially designed to connect hoses, valves and other fittings that may not have the same connection type as the underlying system. As the name suggests, these adapters enable tri-clamp connections (often found in food and beverage processing equipment) to be connected to systems with SMS union connections.

At Brewflex, we offer high-quality stainless steel adaptors so users can quickly and easily make any necessary connection changes while ensuring a reliable seal between two types of equipment.


Why Choose the Tri-Clamp to SMS Adapters from Brewflex

Our adaptors are designed to meet the highest quality standards, built with durable 316 stainless steel that stands up against corrosive elements and has an attractive polished finish making them easy to clean and maintain.

Our SMS adaptors provide a secure connection between items such as stainless steel tanks, valves, pumps and other equipment that require a Tri Clamp fitting. The design combines robustness with great flexibility, making it ideal for critical applications within food-grade piping systems where hygiene and safety are paramount.


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