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Diaphragms Direct®

Products from Diaphragms Direct® have long been renowned in the food and beverage industry thanks to consistent designs offering adherence to the highest standards of quality and dependability. From fasteners for diaphragm valves, radial style diaphragms, Weirstyle replacement diaphragms, and more, each model is crafted to elevate applications in need of consistent steam cycles.

Here at Brewflex, we offer a complete selection of replacement diaphragm products from Diaphragms Direct® at the most affordable prices. Browse our selection today.

Improve Your Operations with Replacement Diaphragms from Brewflex


The diaphragm valve body is crafted from high-quality 316L stainless steel, allowing for lower surface finishes, including 10Ra. Each is fully drainable to prevent entrapment of foreign elements and provide much-needed steam resistance thanks to innovative formulations in EPDM and PTFE technology, ensuring your products stay in good service far longer than other models available on the market.


All replacement diaphragms from Diaphragm Direct® are also fully traceable, with each holding a moulded identification number with a certificate issued from the FDA and USP conformity for your regulatory requirements.

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