Laser Etching

How is laser etching useful?

Alongside our collection of hoses, fittings, valves, gauges and equipment specially designed for the food and beverage industry here at Brewflex, we also provide professional laser etching services to add the finishing touches to your projects.  


From labelling each component to aid in easier identification and reproduction, to placing your company logo in a prominent position to be easily seen by team members and patrons, our in-house technicians have no limitations surrounding designs. Simply place your order with any specific requirements or requests, and our specialists will adapt our laser etching process to accommodate any form of personalisation you wish for your equipment. 


At Brewflex, we assist our clients with various laser etching services. For example, a common use is to introduce both a logo and serial number to customised products, as it will assist in keeping the exact specifications on file to enable faster replacement or duplication as needed.  


Uses include:

Easier Identification of Custom Specifications

Product personalisation

Assisting in maintaining equipment

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