Who We Are


We are one of Australia's leading supplier of high-quality hoses & equipment for the food and beverage industry

Brewflex first came to be in 2020 after the growth of our parent company, Pharmequip, saw a terrific opportunity for expansion. Spending over two decades as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of premium pharmaceutical hoses and equipment – servicing some of the biggest names in the business – our team recognised a similar need for those within Australia’s food and beverage industry. Brewflex was born out of a desire to expand our offerings and provide clear differentiation in our product lines and support services.


From our purpose-built premises in Bayswater North, we have an ever-expanding team of sales and support staff, dedicated technicians and electricians, fabricators, designers, and more to provide you with end-to-end solutions that elevate your operations.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing high-quality and affordable food and beverage hoses, products and equipment to brewers, distillers, wineries and more.

Our Mission

We aim to providing best-quality service to Australian businesses and helping to make their operations as smooth as possible for many years to come.


We are committed to offering end-to-end quality products & equipment required in everyday operations. Our in-house technicians have carefully curated additional support services, such as fabrication, commissioning, servicing & maintenance, laser etching, and hose audits. We ensure to meet all industry standards and are committed to building long-term relationships for the benefit of our clients.

Scott Gledhill

General Manager

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Bringing the world's finest hoses directly to your business

All hoses and other products developed within our facility meet a strict tolerance criteria that far exceeds any of our competitors, ensuring you never place your workplace's operational efficiency at risk.

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Our specialists can work to understand your unique requirements, fabricate the necessary components, and handle installation at your facility.

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Our friendly team can provide demonstrations on how to utilise the equipment and perform regular inspections and maintenance to ensure it continues to operate at peak efficiency.