Brewery Equipment Installing

We can install and train you in new equipment

From start-up microbreweries to long-established brewers and distillers, our team at Brewflex understands that each of our clients will have their own set of unique requirements to optimise their operations. In addition to our comprehensive selection of high-quality products and equipment, we also provide extensive commissioning services to those within the food and beverage industry, ensuring your projects run smoothly from start to finish.  


With dedicated technicians who can visit your site, install your custom equipment, and even provide guided demonstrations with your team to flatten the learning curve, we can have your system up and running in no time.  


Introducing new equipment – no matter how it streamlines or upgrades your current operations – can be challenging for your team. Installation, for example, isn’t always as simple as replacing an existing part, and when performed incorrectly, it can create a string of unfavourable disruptions and even safety hazards.


By taking advantage of our commissioning services, you can leverage the many years of experience held by our certified Brewflex technicians. Each is a specialist in their field and understands the complex nature of your systems when operating at peak performance. Our support includes completing all wiring and installation needs, as well as reviewing your installation to ensure each component is working as intended.


We can help with all aspects, from the initial planning stage to ongoing technical support, including tailored maintenance and advice.

Save time and stress

Avoid potential installation errors

Participate in professional demonstrations

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