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FEP Sight Glasses

FEP Sight Glasses provide a safe, reliable method of viewing process fluids, with no need for additional pipes or fittings that would otherwise have to be opened. The unique construction of FEP sight glasses ensures efficient heat transfer between the media being observed and the viewing medium. This allows operators to quickly detect temperature changes – something that can be very difficult to do with traditional glass sight glasses. 

Brewflex offers 316L stainless steel FEP sight glasses available online across Australia. Browse our selection today. 

Why Introduce FEP Sight Glasses into Your Operations

The lenses are made from ultra-clear material, providing excellent optical clarity so you can easily spot issues before they become problems. FEP Sight Glasses also have a superior pressure-handling capability, ensuring safe operation even at extreme process pressures. 

Additional features: 

  • Liquid level indicators 
  • Sturdy, favourable in high-stress applications 
  • High & low temperature rated, ranging between -80°F to 450°F 
  • Smooth, non-stick surface for easy cleaning and promoting minimal drop in pressure  
  • Prevents contamination and won’t impart taste or odour 
  • Shatterproof tubing 
  • Unaffected by ultraviolet or sunlight 
  • No-discolouration 

Learn More on FEP Sight Glasses from Our Team at Brewflex

All our FEP Sight Glasses come fully assembled and tested, giving you peace of mind that your installation will be safe and effective every time. For more information, please contact us at Brewflex today. 

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