Hose Audits

Why conduct hose audits?

Your hoses are integral to your operations. Any malfunctions or damage can create a series of inefficiencies and downtime, impacting your bottom line or even placing the safety of your staff and patrons at risk. Regular inspections of food and beverage hoses are crucial to ensure your operations can continue to operate in a smooth and productive fashion. If you want to keep ahead of any extreme failures, it is crucial to have a specialist audit your hoses at the first sign of an issue.


Our Brewflex specialists offer detailed hose inspection and auditing services to our clients across Australia. Utilising state-of-the-art equipment and proven methodologies within the industry, we can help you to detect, diagnose and remedy any issues your system may be experiencing to minimise disruptions. We are happy to aid in both regular and emergency inspections of your hose systems, whether you sourced your equipment from our extensive collection or another supplier. To do so, we will enlist one of our fully-trained technicians to visit your site. They will apply a specialised borescope fitted with a camera to perform a detailed examination of your system, looking for any sign of misapplication, malfunction, or damage.


Upon completion, we provide a video link to the borescope inspection alongside a full-service report that details our findings and recommendations to ensure all flexible hose assemblies are well maintained and remain productive, reliable and safe to operate. Whether itโ€™s an issue from temperature exposure, internal damage to the hose liner, or an area where the minimum bend radius has been extended, we can find it and offer a solution.

Early detection of issues can prevent larger problems later on

Identify problem areas and streamline your operations

Maintain your hose integrity

Access reliable data for health and safety reports

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