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At Brewflex, we are a leading supplier of professional-grade equipment with a range of products targeting the food and beverage industry. Some of our most popular offerings include our wide selection of valves that can be used for various applications.  

Discover a Wide Selection of Valves in Our Range 

Sampling Valves 

One such design to benefit businesses in the food and beverage sector is our Brewflex Sampling Valve.  

These valves allow individuals to remove small amounts of liquids or gases from containers, tanks, vessels or pipelines without impacting the flow or pressure. As such, Sampling Valves can be handy for those undertaking testing and quality control tasks.  

Butterfly Valves  

Another valve frequently found in environments handling food and beverages is the Butterfly Valve. These designs help better regulate the flow of gases and liquids by opening and closing a circular disc within a pipe. These valves can be simple and versatile when controlling large volumes of materials.  

Diaphragm Valves 

Diaphragm valves are another popular choice in our Brewflex collection. A flexible diaphragm helps control the flow of different materials and is often used in applications where cleanliness is paramount.   

Ball Valves 

These valves are famous for their ease of use and durability. They operate by using a ball with a hole through the centre to control a flow and are often favoured for applications where quick, precise control is required.  

Discuss Your Valve Needs with Our Expert Team at Brewflex  

Whatever your valve needs, our Brewflex team is here to provide the support you require to find the best product. When you choose a Brewflex valve, you can expect the highest quality designs, expertise, knowledge, and detailed customer support to help you get any job done.  

Contact us at Brewflex today, and we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.  

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