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Orifice Plates and Screen Gaskets

Orifice plates and screen gaskets are crucial components for those in the food and beverage industry, allowing users to accurately measure and control the flow of liquids, as well as filtering out any impurities that have penetrated the stream.

At Brewflex, we have a complete selection of orifice plates and screen gaskets from the Newman Sanitary Gasket Company, with components specifically crafted for those in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. These products are designed to be more resistant against common cleaners like caustics, chlorine, and acids, aiding you in improving quality control measures while reducing losses.

Explore Our Selection of Newman Orifice Plates and Screen Gaskets Available

If you have a pump, spray ball, or particular component that is integral in maintaining the stream within your processes, they need to have a reliable screen gasket in place to ensure no foreign particles find their way in. And, with a dependable orifice plate, you will be able to better manage and measure flow rate, whilst enjoying greater control around pressure levels and the flow itself.

The complete selection of standard style and size Newman orifice plates and screen gasket products are readily available with Brewflex.

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If you need assistance selecting the right orifice plate or screen gasket for your application, please contact us at Brewflex, and we will be happy to help.

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