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Specialised diaphragms are an essential component of any food or beverage processing system. They provide a critical barrier between the fluid and the surrounding environment, preventing any form of contamination from entering the process stream. Diaphragms also help to maintain pressure within the system, allowing for continued efficiency in your operations.

At Brewflex, we stock a selection of replacement diaphragms for ITT®, Saunders® and Gemu® valves from industry-leading brands, the Newman Sanitary Gasket Company and Diaphragm Direct.

What to Expect with Our Diaphragms from Brewflex

Our diaphragms offer new dependability, performance and value you can rely on.

Each product is made from high-quality materials, making them robust, resilient and highly durable. They also have excellent sealing capabilities and are resistant to prolonged corrosion and abrasion.

Additionally, our diaphragms provide superior leak protection and maximum flow control in any sanitary process environment. With precision-fit designs for ITT®, Saunders® and Gemu® valve styles, our selection of diaphragms delivers seamless integration and efficient operation in today’s demanding food & beverage processing.

Discuss Your Needs with Our Specialists at Brewflex

Would you like to learn more about the selection of diaphragms we have available at Brewlfex? Please contact us today, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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